In keeping with the acronym theme, I’ve been contemplating the word curiosity.

Here’s what came to mind…  compassion under radical inquiry offering sanctuary inside through yourself.

Two situations showed up in my life yesterday where I found myself offering the same suggestion to people. 

Whenever this happens I’ve learned to pay attention because it’s always something I need to do for myself.

Our next door neighbor asked if her son, who is my son’s age, could stay with us while she went to the store.  I said yes, of course not thinking of my son’s feelings at all.

My son likes to be quiet and alone sometimes and this was one of them.  He came to me and told me he didn’t have the guts to say this to his friend.  He didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

I shared with him, by being true to himself and saying how he felt,  he was not only taking care of him but he was being an example for his friend to be able to share his own feelings.  When you speak and act from your heart, the result cannot be harmful.

Later, my girlfriend called.  She was in a situation where she wanted to ask for something in a business negotiation.  She felt uncomfortable because she did not want to insult the other person.

As we were speaking, she recalled a time when she was ten years old and had an experience with friends where they told her they were insulted by something she said.  She had just been trying to keep the peace.

Although the circumstances are different, the underlying theme remains the same and the above suggestion applies.

Interestingly, my son is also ten years old.

I find it curious how often we put ourselves in similar situations without ever questioning why we make the choices we do.

By asking these questions we open the door to awareness.

Awareness of how unconscious beliefs and fears from long ago still run the show today.

Only by bringing this into the light, can we  consciously choose a different response, thereby creating a different outcome in our lives.

I am grateful for being able to see the opportunity for growth, increased peace and happiness in every situation.

I can only imagine how the world would change for the better if all ten year old children lived from their truth.

For the rest of us, better late than never right?

Radical Honesty

A friend mentioned the idea of radical honesty.  Having a love of words and acronyms, my mind went to work…

Raw Awareness Demonstrated In Circumstances Attracting Love

Honoring Of Now Engaging Service Through Yourself

This is the natural by-product of our conscious choice.

Just a thought : )



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